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Metarents offers the integration toolkit to enable crypto based payments, subscriptions, leasing, and financing services.

We provide Payments-as-a-Service to enable blockchain based financial transactions for businesses of all sizes.

With Metarents, you can accept crypto payments and financing services for your customers within minutes.

Hussle free - Integration, for Everyone
It doesn’t matter whether you have a physical or online business. Metarents Payment Solutions integrate seamlessly with major ecommerce platforms, mobile applications, as well as in-person POS Systems. Integration is free and is done in minutes. You keep your current interface, and we simply add a button within your payment options.


Increase Your Customer Base : Offer New Possibilities.

Start Accepting Crypto Seamlessly
Imagine not accepting credit cards these days? The popularity of crypto as a means of payment is growing exponentially. Be at the far front of the movement by offering your customers the ability to use their crypto funds to subscribe to your services, set up recurring payment plans, enter a lease agreement, or make payments on a BNPL offer.
Subscription & Recurring Payments In Crypto
In 2023, 75% of organizations selling direct to consumers already offer subscription services. They help merchants secure future revenue, while offering the consumers the convenience that they are looking for. Easily offer subscription options for your products and services, gain the trust of your customer and secure future revenues.
Offer BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) In Crypto
BNPL is gaining in popularity but so is the ability to pay in crypto. Metarents combines both by offering BNPL with Crypto Payments. Enjoy the benefits of paying in 4 with BNPL, but add to that the advantages of Crypto such as In addition BNPL in Crypto offers greater benefits such as anonymity, security, and lower transaction costs


Metarents built a powerful Web3 protocol that enable fast and flexible payments methods in Crypto. We go beyond supporting Crypto payments, to enabling a wide range of payment flows for a variety of business models

Accepting Crypto Just Got Better
Accept Crypto and receive your funds in any form that is convenient for you : in crypto, in stable coins, or in Fiat currencies.​ Get an edge on the competition, while saving 90% in fees. Our solution is great for e-commerce websites, payment service providers, and physical retail stores through a POS System. ​

Subscription Payments In Crypto

75% of organizations selling direct to consumers already offer subscription services. If you do any type of recurring purchase, then you understand how a subscription can be a life saver. With Metarents, merchants can now extend subscription offers to their customers and accept Crypto payments. Metarents can help you tap into more 300 millions crypto users.

Leasing and Lease to own​
With Metarents innovative features and functionalities, merchants can fully configure their offers to attract and please even more customers. Offer your customer a leasing payment plan, and add an option to buy to it if you choose to. Set up open ended leasing plans, with or without a minimum engagement period. Or offer a fixed leasing period, with a predefined time period.
Get the Right Support
Using our services for the first time can be intriguing. Whether you are ready to join us, or just have a random question about the Metaverse, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to hear from you at contact@metarents.io
NaaS (NFT as a Service)
Renting instead of buying is something that humans became very accustomed to. Metarents enables rental and lending transactions, while protecting both the asset owner and the borrower through smartcontracts. ​ Digital asset merchants and owners can use Metarents to monetize their assets, without ever loosing ownership. Renters who only need the digital asset for a specific period of time, can fully benefit from it during the rental period.
Lending & Micro Finance
Metarents gives you instant access to top crypto liquidity pools, to enable Micro lending offers for your customers, beyond what traditional banks can offer. Funding for yiour BNPL or other payment models through liquidity pools is offered seamlessly through the Metarents solution.

Leasing Process

MetaRents For Merchants
How Does it Works ?

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In Just A Few Easy Steps :

Add Metarents > Offer New Payment Methods > Attract More Customers

1. Use our APIs and Widgets:
Our integration options are quick and easy for all; support is available 24/7. Payment links can be embedded on your website with a “pay with crypto" button or an invoice.
2. Accept Crypto Currency
You can accept crypto directly on your website or POS system, and immediately get the payment in your prefered Crypto or FIAT currency,
3. Configure Payment options
Enable the Payment options that you want to offer your customers. Configure a one-time or recurring payment and BNPL offers, and set up access to other financing options.
4. Add Subscription, or Leasing Offers
Offer your customers Subscription, Leasing, Lease to Own, or Rent options. All fully configurable in minutes through our easy to integrable partner tools.
5. Boost Sales and Revenues
Faster checkouts! Boost revenues from existing customers and attract new ones! Deploying Metarents payment solutions will open up a host of new possibilities.
>> Secure - Easy to Use - Innovative
All of our transactions are managed through a chain-agnostic and permissionless protocol, designed to avoid unnecessary third-parties, mitigate cyber-risks, reduce transaction costs and provide the best payment experiences for your customers.


Witness Our Innovative Journey

Jan 2022


  • Ideation.
  • Initial business definition.
  • Initial community building.
Mar 2022

1st MVP

  • Fully functional Product
  • that enables land rental
  • transactions on Decentraland.
  • Smart contract & protocol Beta tests.
Jul 2023

NFT Lending Marketplace

  • MR Protocol deployment.
  • Dapp Marketplace
  • Beta release.
  • Security Audit.
Nov 2022

NFT Leasing and Lease to Own

  • Launching new rental standard.
  • Leasing & Subletting features.
  • Support more NFTs and Metaverses.
Mar 2023

Supporting Crypto Pay

  • Enabling Crypto Pay for Non-NFTs
  • Launching NaaS and Subscription Models
Jun 2023

Enabling Crypto Payment Plans and Subscriptions

  • Enabling Crypto Payment plans
  • Enable Crypto BNPL
  • and Micro lending solutions

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